Nesta, 1 Plough Street, London 20/04/2015

Worried about retaining a core contract against strong competition?

Seeking to grow by winning new contracts?

Then WIN! may have been the right event for you. Specifically aimed at mutuals and social enterprises, Stepping Out brought together the very best know how and insight into a one-day experience that guaranteed good-investment of your time and money.

Slides from the day

What it Takes to WIN! - Paul Jansen, Director of Consulting at Stepping Out

The Ten Golden Rules of Winning - Rob Harris from Love My Tender

A Winning Tour of the 2015 Procurement Regulations - Gayle Monk from Anthony Collins

Wearing Their Shoes - Mark Algar from 60 Sticks

What I Really Look For in Providers - And What I Normally Find! - Paul Rackham, Head of Community Commissioning for RBKC

Winning Big - The Story of How Balance Won a £11.5m Contract - Andrea Biggs, Chief Executive of Balance CIC with Rob Harris

How to Properly Scan the Market - Alice Watson from Porge Research

The A-Z of Selling Well (please only use for personal use) - Liam Black of Wavelength and Author of A-Z of Social Enterprise




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