Stepping Out Foundation - Project Hello World

by Rachel Willer 21/05/2015

Here at Stepping Out we don't shout very often about the good things our foundation does, the money it offers to amazing projects organised by inspiring people, so here is our first shout out...

We have supported the following project with a donation from the Stepping Out Foundation:

Hello World

171 million people could be lifted out of poverty if all children left school with even basic reading abilities, yet 134 million children have never been to school. 32 million of them are in sub-Saharan Africa – a number equivalent to all the primary school children in USA, UK and France put together.

Project Hello World builds digital schools to bring child-led digital education to those without access to formal schooling. Basing our work on the research of our Board member, Sugata Mitra, the winner of the 2013 TED Prize, we work with local communities to design and build Internet-enabled rugged, outdoor computer kiosks for education, connectivity, community journalism, business and play. Our founding belief is that development must be led, defined by, and serve the community, and all of our work is in service of that belief.

Our pilot project in Suleja, Nigeria is ten months old, and a proven success. We are reaching children in the school system and out of it, homeless and housed, Christian and Muslim alike.

We are a UK-registered charity with a track record of community development projects in Africa. Our team comprises technologists, educators, economists, programmers, policymakers and community liaisons. Our board includes world leaders in education technology and community development.

Have a look at one minute of project Hello World in action, it will inspire you

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