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How to have a perfect (away) day

by Craig Dearden-Phillips 21/02/2017

Chief executives might loathe the idea of a board awayday, but done right they can be both enjoyable and useful. […]

Be In No Doubt: Public Sector Tenders Are Difficult To Win

by Rob Harris 08/02/2017

Stepping Out Associate Rob Harris is one of our Bid Experts. He talks here about how charities and social enterprises can beat the 'Big Boys' of the private sector to win public service contracts. Rob also runs Love My Tender Ltd. […]

Starting out in impact measurement: Quick Wins and How To Tips

by Heidi Fisher 01/02/2017

In this blog I am going to share with you some quick ways you can implement impact measurement quickly. […]

The End of the Secret Garden

by Craig Dearden-Phillips 19/12/2016

We've moved on from the informal charity sector that existed 20 years ago to embrace values from other sectors, and things will look even more different in another 20 years […]

The Three Rules Of Good Consulting

by Craig Dearden-Phillips 01/12/2016

Building good relationships, specialising and a focus on the end product are key […]

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