‘DENPOD UK’ is the working name for a new social enterprise that will see community dentistry, podiatry and orthotics services spin out from Torbay Care Trust.  This is an exciting development for the service and is part of a broader move in the public sector for teams to request the opportunity to set themselves up as independent social enterprises.

Having secured consent to establish this new service, DENPOD UK are currently undertaking the transition from NHS to a new unified service set to ‘go live’ as a new Community Interest Company (CIC) at the start of April 2012.

In order to realise its vision, DENPOD UK are looking to recruit a Chair who will be a strategic partner with the two leaders of this ‘spin out’ and build a strong and supportive Board.   The Chair will lead a new Board that probes, challenges constructively and adds value to the senior management team.

The Role and Responsibilities of the Chair

As Chair, your key tasks will include:

• Provide inspirational leadership to the DENPOD UK Board, ensuring its effectiveness on all aspects of its role and setting an agenda which results in tangible improvements to the health and well being of the population and community health services.

• Ensure that the Board develops and oversees strategies which encompass both entrepreneurial drive and the values of the public sector.

• Provide visible leadership in developing a positive culture for the organisation, and ensure that this is reflected and modeled in their and the board’s behaviour and decision-making.

• Play a key role in building strong partnerships with Commissioners, the Local Authorities and other stakeholders.

• Ensure the Board maintains its responsibility for the effective governance of community health services, including the establishment of appropriate committees, and achievement of financial viability and stability.

• Where necessary, assist in the appointment of officers and independent committee members and ensure systems of support and appraisal.

Key deliverables in first 12 months

• Lead and build the newly appointed Board into a cohesive team that maximises their power and knowledge for the organisation.

• Work closely with the Executive Lead(s) in setting the strategic and business plan for the next 3 and 5 years

• Establish and embed good governance in the new organisation


This is a paid, part time position (estimated time commitment 3-4 days per month).  If you are interested in finding out more about this role, please contact Rob Fountain (rob.fountain@stepping-out.biz) 07887414042.


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