We want to make real change happen – our input creates new businesses, grows businesses and grows the people involved.

We share our expertise to help public sector leaders to develop and change. 

We believe in the power of relationships and networks to deliver more lasting and better solutions.

We are always excellent to do business with. 

We value learning, variety and personal development.


Stepping Out's vision is for a refreshed and responsive public sector where enterprise drives innovation, efficiency and quality.  

We want to see the development of innovative organisations - social enterprises, mutuals and other alternative delivery models - delivering a better range of services with and for the communities they serve. 

We believe this will lead to better outcomes for service users and communities; more rewarding careers for public sector staff and more efficient use of public money.


Our mission is to identify, create and grow enterprises from the public sector - mainly English Councils and the NHS.

We have a track record of supporting public services to spin out and to succeed afterwards.

Our offer is to provide expert, professional and supportive input at every step along the way. 

We practice what we preach too - through the Stepping Out Foundation we channel part of our profit directly back to early stage social entrepreneurs.